Targeted for Government employees in various agencies:

  • On-site/online Short-term Training: Faculty and our engineers will visit each organization to provide 3-5 days training on a specific topic and award appropriate certificates.
  • On-campus Training: Short term (up to two weeks) training courses will be scheduled at the SCAN Lab or ESL.
  • Flip Courses: Gov’t employees will register in a semester-long course, then take all the required materials of study, and interact with the research professors and engineers regularly to ask questions/feedback. The faculty and engineers will develop self-learning materials that include videos, lab manuals, presentation and reporting templates, creating communication mechanisms, etc. It will include mid-term, final, and projects.
  • Online Courses: Semester-long courses will be delivered to ALL students in one semester. Online students can also obtain access to live classes as well as recorded lectures.