Message from directors: 

More than ever, we observe increasing demand for well-trained cybersecurity workforce in all government agencies, national labs, and industry sectors. Microelectronics security and trust has become an essential and significant component of cybersecurity. With MEST Center, we plan to develop comprehensive training programs in microelectronics design and security.

Distinctive aspects of the MEST program include:

  • Collaboration between multiple universities.
  • Establishing an ecosystem of training modules and options to suit the need for diverse government and industry employees.
  • Strong emphasis on hands-on learning. This includes teaching state-of-the-art computer-aided design tools (CAD) and hands-on hardware design, hacking, and countermeasure tools.
  • Major courses and certificate programs
  • Comprehensive coverage of all security topics – from devices, architectures, to integrated circuits, to platforms, and to large systems.
  • Offering major courses and certificate programs, unique in the nation.
  • Self-learning kits for hardware and systems security topic available for remote training and busy professionals.
  • Training material made available on secure cloud, e.g. TSS.


Dr. Mark Tehranipoor and Dr. Waleed Khalil